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WeLearn is managed by its editorial team:



Matthew Martin

Roisin McCreesh


Editorial Board:

Barry Corrigan

Beverly Cripps

Liam O’Hare

Noel Purdy

Stephen Roulston



The organising members of WeLearn are a group of committed citizens supporting this project out of the belief that things can change.  This is a genuine endeavour to give voice to teachers with the intention that teachers will eventually take over the platform so that it can best reflect the world they work in.  We work for the organisations below, but undertake this task outside those affiliations. 


Ashfield Girls’ High School

Education Authority

Millennium Integrated Primary School

Queen’s University

St Mary’s University College

Stranmillis University College

Ulster University



WeLearn is an independent journal  produced in part through the generous support of the following

Initial Teacher Education providers:

Queen’s University, St Mary’s University College, Stranmillis University College and Ulster University.




Editorial Guidance


WeLearn is currently seeking expressions of interest from those teachers interested in writing a a piece for possible inclusion in an upcoming edition of this online publication.

WeLearn articles need to be short -- normally around 1500 words. 

If you would like to discuss a topic for a possible submission, please feel free to email the editors of WeLearn at .




WeLearn (WL) believes that teachers are more effective when they work together, hence WL focuses on bringing teachers together in practical, productive ways.  Editors will give preference to those submissions that conclude with (or include) invitations or pathways for readers to engage with, connect to and/or to build networks for professional learning.



WL believes that the best professional learning is that which supports teachers to act effectively and meaningfully within their immediate, current teaching environment.  WL focuses, therefore, on articles which include opportunities or guidance for teachers that enable them to take action based on the learning discussed in the piece.  In contrast, less appealing pieces will be those which only demonstrate or celebrate the good practice of one teacher or one school without offering a practical course of action for the reader to engage or develop their own practice further.



WL believes that the best teachers are those who take their own learning seriously;  hence, we focus on bringing the best in quality, readable educational research to teachers.  Research of interest to WL will range from summaries of rigorous, quantitative studies with important implications for teachers’ professional judgment all the way to small-scale action research projects which raise significant observations that may heighten teachers’ critical self-reflection.

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